Are you thinking of selling your home?

If you are looking to sell your home, there are many different aspects to consider and we always find it best if you make a list of everything you need to sort out and arrange in order to make your move; before proceeding any further. At H Thomas Property, we understand the importance of moving home, whatever your circumstances may be and we are here to help you every step of the way. With being one of the most convenient Estate Agents in Staffordshire & Cheshire, you will have full email access 24/7 which means you will never miss out on any potential purchasers. Our dedicated property experts on at hand 24/7 if you have any questions or worries.

Once you have decided on your move, the first step is to speak to an Estate Agent and ask them to carry out a valuation on your property. At H Thomas Property, we can carry out a free valuation on your property and with this we would also explain the services that we offer and discuss with you our agency fees.

After you have decided on your agent they will then come out to your home to take photographs to get your property on the market. It is important to get the photographs just right as first impressions make a lasting impression. At H Thomas Property, we would also bring with us a copy of your contract for you to sign; which details all of our agency fees and the price at which your property would be marketed. Please see our marketing advice on preparing your home for photographs and viewings. With No upfront costs and payment upon completion, stress is kept to a minimum.

To complete the marketing process, you must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your property; this is a legal requirement to market any property in the UK. If you do not have one then H Thomas Property can help and arrange this for you.

At H. Thomas Lettings & Sales your property would be marketed on Rightmove, and . You can speak to your agent about advances on marketing such as premium listings and sharing your property details on our company facebook page; for those all important first few days of your property being marketed.

At. H Thomas Property, we would notify you of any interest that we receive in your property. Any potential buyers will come and view your home, please be aware that they may want to view every aspect of your home including in all storage spaces including cupboards and lofts.

We would notify you of any offers both via phone and in writing. It is important that you consider any offers carefully. Once an offer has been accepted, you will need to instruct your solicitor. If you do not have one then please contact us where we can recommend reliable solicitors in the area. Your purchasers will then instruct their surveyor who will arrange with yourselves a convenient time to carry out the valuation.

The purchasers will then have local searches carried out to which may take up to two weeks. Your solicitor will advise you on any enquiries that may arise.

At any time during this process, H Thomas Property are available to assist you or answer any questions regarding the sale of your property.

If you would like us to carry out a free valuation on your property, contact us on 01782 777827.

Our guidance on selling your home
  • The most important thing when trying to sell your home is first impressions. Potential buyers will often drive past your home to get a feel for your property and area before requesting internal viewings; keeping your garden and driveway tidy is important to help with them lasting first memories.
  • More often that not a fresh lick of paint is a really effective way of drawing viewers in. It can make your property look and feel clean, fresh and new. There is no need to magnolia all of your walls however, as you don’t want your property to lose any personality or cosiness. A small feature wall to add a little something extra maybe all you need.
  • When buyers view properties, they more often than not try to visualise themselves living in your property; however most struggle to see past clutter and having loads of furniture can often leave rooms feeling small. To maximise any potential our main advice is to de-clutter your rooms. Where possible it may be worth start to pack away some items and furniture into external storage to give your rooms a sense of space.
  • It is really easy to ignore small repair jobs when you are living with them everyday; however to a buyer, those small jobs can add up to a mountain and can put buyers off, giving the property a tired and distressed feeling. Make a note of all the little jobs that need to be done around your home and check them off once done. At H. Thomas Lettings & Sales, we can make this list with you and recommend reliable and affordable workmen to carry out these jobs for you if required.
  • Along with those all important first impressions, it is advised to use nice smelling plug-ins or bake bread or cakes prior to viewings. This helps bring back memories of childhood homes and helps buyers to imagine themselves living in your property.
  • The timing of photographs is important. Photographs are best taken in good daylight, try and pick a day where the weather is clear and dry.
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